Family business Veraart Handelsonderneming has existed for over 100 years now. Knowledge and experience have passed on from generation to generation.

First generation

It all started with Piet Veraart.

At that time people had to work really hard, everything had to be made by hand. Metals and scrap iron was transported by means of package carts and delivery bicycles. Later on, as business was flourishing, horse and carriage were used.
Second generation

As his son Piet was old enough, he started working for this company as well.

More work could be done now, more customers could be served on the same day. Just like his father, he was a hard worker, who doesn’t shrink his work. He had expansion plans. A truck was purchased, allowing them to transport more materials on the same day. As all sons had different ideas and plans, the company was split up.

Third generation

His eldest son Piet Veraart aspired to a metal trading job most. He continued the company under the name Firma Veraart.

Piet was a true professional and knew the tricks of the trade. Of course, at that time, there weren’t any computers yet telling you which type of metals were available. Knowledge and experience passed on from generation to generation and Piet learnt on-the-job. As Piet took over the company it started growing. More trucks were purchased, employees were appointed. The amount of customers kept growing. Piet even had to order the Dutch Railways (NS) to transport his metals. Really unique at that time! He started to trade internationally.

Fourth generation

Piet had 1 son, Gijs Veraart, who continued the company.

Gijs purchased trucks with cranes, allowing a more effective and professional job.

Gijs had two sons, Anthon and Piet Veraart. From childhood he learnt hem how to distinguish all kinds of metal and introduced them to his line of business. Anthon Veraart aspired to the profession most. He would become successor.

Current generation

Anthon Veraart is the current general manager.

Nowadays, the company has two branches, in the province of Utrecht and Drenthe.

Nowadays, the company has been divided into various subdivisions: Veraart Handelsonderneming BV, Veraart Beheer BV and Veraart exploitatie BV. The name Firma Veraart is still used as well. With great respect for former generations, with a view to the future.