Method of working

As soon as the customer calls Firma Veraart, it will collect and process used materials. Metaalrecycling Veraart will place one or several containers, in which metals can be collected sorted or unsorted. We don’t charge rent for the containers. The customer decides which type and size of container will be delivered. It is also possible to order a customized container. Thanks to our close cooperation with container builders LBA and All-in Containers we can deliver any desired container.

Firma Veraart is aware that some companies produce insufficient metal waste to justify container placement. As collecting small amounts of metals is worth the effort as well, Firma Veraart aims to find a perfect solution for all customers.

Companies and private persons who pass by will experience a quick completion as well. At first the material is checked for radioactivity. If it meets the environmental conditions, it will be weighed. Large loads are weighed by means of the weighbridge, small loads on the scale. An analysis can be carried out for special metals. Firma Veraart has the required, advanced equipment and knowledge. If desired, we can issue a destruction statement.

Prices are agreed in advance. We apply the principle: “an honest man’s word is as good as his bond”. The agreed price is paid.

After purchase scrap iron and metals are sorted and turned into semi-manufactured products. For sorting and processing we have an advanced machinery, varying from transshipment cranes to fork-lift trucks, from cable processing machines to shears. The semi-manufactured products are transported (worldwide) to companies which reuse the material.